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L-Acetyl N-Cysteine, Aplha Lipoic Acid, Reduced Glutathione, Phyllanthus Niruri, Bromelain, Papain

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Calcium Citrate, Calcitriol, Zinc Tablet, Vitamin - D3

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Welcome To Seven LifeSciences

Seven LifeSciences is a WELLNESS company with a difference. It has created a vast array of around 400 products targeting three main areas of Preventive healthcare and Wellness: -

  • Unmet Medical Needs
  • Health Risk Management
  • Women’s Health

There are innumerable health conditions where conventional Allopathic medicines do not exist, because some health conditions lack financial viability for the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing them, given the fact that drug discovery requires billions of dollars in research and development and then millions of dollars in marketing them.

These gaps in the healthcare system can be plugged by certain innovative dietary supplements and herbal products which are targeted at preventing diseases and in improving the wellness of the population.

Seven LifeSciences has been involved in intensive research and development of products targeting these gaps in our healthcare system, such that there is a synergy between the conventional medicines and the wellness domain.

Our beginnings date back to 2001 when we began high-end advanced research in India and in the USA with a team of brilliant medical scientists who have created an enviable repertoire of over 400 products and have also successfully acquired 12 US patents in areas like Fatty Liver, Immunity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Memory, Palliative Cancer care, PCOD, etc., to name but a few.

Our mission is to empower every individual with an innate physiologic mechanism to maintain Wellness and to be able to prevent the major illnesses that become a massive health risk as age advances.